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What Members Of Our Group Say

With over half of our participants returning year after year we are clearly doing things right, but don’t just take our word for it, here is what they have to say:

“DT is in a league of its own when it comes to detecting tours in England. The resources they have at their disposal with regards to identifying finds, collect finds as you walk the fields so you never have to worry about losing any as you wander about the beautiful English scenery, the warm and service minded approach to cater for typical needs that detectorist’s have on tour; in short, every aspect of the tour is as good as it gets, and I have been to quite a few different tour operators in recent years. I will most certainly join the tour next year as well. Great job and thank you so much the whole team for a fantastic tour in 2013"

Martin, Norway.

 ‘It is needless to say that the four days in Norfolk were my best metal detecting experience ever. This is not just because I had some amazing finds, but mainly because the surrounding frames provided by you guys were no less than perfect. Also I must say that the Americans (and of course the Frenchman) were some of the best men I ever met.’

Thomas T, Norway

‘You all did such a great job with your warmth, knowledge and enthusiasm it helped make the tour the most fun I have had while metal detecting.’

John K, NY 

‘Please accept my personal thanks and gratitude for your professionalism, friendliness, and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to insure us yanks all had a terrific time and hunt.  It was a real pleasure to meet both of you.  Please tell Adrian and Frank that their efforts were noted and appreciated as well.


Keith, Big Bobby B and I had a good time and hopefully one day will repeat the experience with you.’

 Ed T, Florida

‘I had a fantastic time this year. Thanks for all your hard work taking care of these Americans for two weeks.  I really enjoyed the detecting and it was really exciting finding hammered silver and Roman coins as well as artefacts, not to mention walking in the footsteps of generations past.  Ever since my first tour in 1992, Discovery Tours has really changed my life in the way I look at things as well as the wonderful history I have learned. Thanks for all the wonderful memories over the years.’

John, Delaware

‘Dee Ann and I had a good time on our detecting trip. Thanks for all of your work in making it a successful hunt.  It was good to see some old friends,  and make some new ones.’

Ken, Oklahoma

‘ I had a wonderful time with David, Trish and Frank and the rest of the group...this was my third trip..

hope I can make it one more time with you all.’

Jerry, California

‘It was a phenomenal trip, day after day, and one

 I will certainly remember.  Now that I'm home,

 I'm already missing the fields, the group, and camaraderie. ‘


Mike, California

'I want to thank you both for all the hard work, time, and effort that gets put in to make these tours so successful and such fun. The tour is much more than just a top-notch service. You have fostered a social atmosphere where friendships have been built among participants and organizers that span the miles and years. The return rate of the participants is truly a testament to this.'

Ed, Kansas

'Trish, David, Frank, Thanks so much for making the trip so enjoyable for this first timer.'

Robert, Tennessee

‘There are three reasons why I use Discovery Tours. First is the organization, from the time they either pick me up at the airport or the hotel, everything is handled professionally. Second is the ground staff, David &Trish do a masterful job of researching the sites and identifying the finds. Lastly, it is my fellow hunters, they made me welcome on my first trip and are always ready and willing to lend experience or even a detector if you are in need.'
George, North Carolina

‘Your hospitality, kindness and sympathy were really unique! The rest of the group were also exquisite people that I hope to meet again next year. Thank you again for everything.'

Ario , Italy

'First off, I would like to thank you both for taking such care of me.

I really enjoyed you tour, and the organisation was really good.

New, at least for me, the ID room I really enjoyed. I have never seen it done in such a way, but i liked it!!

Half of the fun is knowing what you found, and to be truthful, I would have thrown some of it away not knowing. Guess I know better now.'

Chris F, Norway

‘Thank you so much for the wonderful time in your country! All the people I met are amazing and I can't wait to begin emailing them. Thank you both again, what a trip that was, I will never forget it.'               Barbara, California

‘The Discovery Tours metal detecting trip to England is not only the most respected and responsible group of its kind, but it is extremely well organised, fun and rewarding. I cherish the comradeship of the friends I have met over the years and of course some of my awesome finds. I liken my annual trip with Discovery Tours as an adventure and I feel I am going to summer camp!’

Marilee, Canada

'I would like to thank you and Frank for a great trip this year. I am especially appreciative of your more than kind considerations regarding my present physical condition. Where the spirit is willing, the body has limits. Your caring response to this gave me great satisfaction and comfort.All three of you are very special in my book, I look forward to next year.'

Ralph, Ohio