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Touching the hand of history™

The Detecting

The detecting takes place on a farmer's private fields that are carefully selected by our English host David Barwell. You depart directly for the fields at 8.00 am and leave the fields for return to the hotel at 5/5.30 pm.

You can expect to find coins and relics dating back over 2000 years. These natural finds are detected on farmlands in Norfolk that had originally been the locations of, or near, ancient villages, market places, villas, forts, roads or other populated areas.

Each group hunts on its own carefully researched and selected private fields,

so that everyone has an equal chance of success. We hunt on different fields in different locations each day .

Only through us these fields can tell their real history....let’s hear their whisper!

Ario R

Back-up equipment close at hand

And if the worst happens and your detector breaks down we take care of that as well. We always have extra detectors on hand for such emergencies, usually a top of the line White's unit, Spectrums, XLT and DFX.

In the last 22 years we have never had to use all of the spares at one time. In addition, special 240 volt Nicad charges for those using White's rechargeable Nicads are available.

Of course, if you prefer to have a backup detector, then please bring it along. If you use a detector other than a White's, check with your manufacturer for availability of charging systems if you use rechargeable batteries. England has 220-240 volt output not the 110-120 volt used in the US. Sometimes a voltage converter will work, however, US and UK cycles also differ, so it is wise to check with your manufacturer before you travel.

Above:13th C gold brooch with an engraved inscription between the lines of beading translated read  'I am here in place of a friend' - found by Mike M in 2006 and acquired by Norwich Castle Museum under the  1996 Treasure Act