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Responsible Detecting

We are acknowledged as the only known British detecting tour abiding by the Code of Conduct of the National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD) ,  the Recording Requirements of the 96' Treasure Act, and the Export Requirements of the British Government.

We are also full participants in the Government’s Portable Antiquities Scheme

We have always worked closely with both the local museums and field archaeologists as well as with the British Museum.

You may have read notices in magazines and online, cautioning the flouting of rules and regulations regarding metal detecting in England. English Heritage, the guardian of English history, has raised concerns about foreign detectorists not following these rules.

We are the only detecting tour doing it right and following the law.

We intend to continue to be welcome guests in England. An article in the ‘British Archaeology Newsletter’ confirms our unique position by stating that we are ‘regarded as entirely above board by Government Officials’.

In fact, we have been praised in another article written by an English archaeologist for Archaeology Magazine, published by the Archaeological Institute of America. We were also recommended by the British Museum as the ‘best example of responsible detecting’.

How the system works

All finds on our tours are identified by our team, digitally photographed, entered into our computer database and passed on to our own archaeologists for final identification for the Norwich Museum and PAS.

We complete all export licences for finders and then submit them to the issuing authority, the Arts Council UK . When the licenses are issued, the finds are mailed to me, Jimmy Sierra, in the USA, by Recorded mail and I ship them on to each finder by Insured Registered Mail.

Dr John Davies

(far left), Keeper of Archaeology, Norwich Castle Museum, giving a talk to our group